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TorvForsk är den svenska nationalkommittén av International Peatsociety.


TorvForsk stöder forskning och utveckling med koppling till torv, torvmarker och torvanvändning.

Med vårt stipendium vill vi främja forskning, kunskapsutbyte och kommunikation av vetenskaplig, teknisk, social samt samhällelig karraktär inom området torv- och torvmarker.


Branschföreningen Svensk Torv är en branschorganisation för Sveriges torvproducenter och en systerorganisation till Stiftelsen Svensk Torvforskning.

Global Peat Industry Summit in Rotterdam,

September 10, 2018.

ips50.jpgDear corporate members,

In response to increasing concern, at the international level, of peatland management and uses of peat, the International Peatland Society (IPS) is organizing a Global Summit of top executives of companies that rely upon peatland and/or peat products for a significant part of their business.

The Summit will be held on the ‘SS Rotterdam’ in the harbour of Rotterdam, the Netherlands on Monday September 10, 2018, immediately prior to the IPS 50th Anniversary Convention on 11-14 September.

The purpose of the Summit is that senior representatives of key international conventions, agreements and programmes will inform major companies managing peatlands and peat companies of the importance of the global peatland resource, especially in climate change processes. The role international and regional organisations play in initiating policies on peatland and peat will be explained and how these can affect the commercial viability of companies once adopted by contracting parties (Governments).

It is the intention of the IPS that, by facilitating this meeting between international policy advisers and peatland and peat company executives, the former will understand better the environmental sustainability procedures of the latter who, in turn, will become more aware of the emerging and direct effects of international governance policies, and environmental protection requirements and how these can affect their businesses.

The IPS values your company’s involvement and believes that this seminal event will be informative and critically important to the global industry and responsible management of peatlands worldwide.

I cordially invite you to participate in the Summit. Please mark your calendar. Further details will be sent regarding the venue, registration fees, detailed programme and Summit sponsorship possibilities. You are most welcome to also join in the events of the IPS Jubilee event while in Rotterdam. I await your reply.


Gerald Schmilewski

IPS President

International Peatland Society

Nisulankatu 78 B, 40720 Jyväskylä, Finland

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